Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome

Title: Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome
Author: Susan Levenstein MD
Format: Paperback/270 pages
Published: May 2019 (Paul Dry Books)

Susan Levenstein is THE Dottoressa – who set off 40 years ago for what was expected to be a one-year experience in Rome after growing up in New York and becoming a graduate of Harvard University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome is a biographic memoir written with a somewhat humorous love and sometimes sheer desperation following her career in Rome – the Eternal City – amongst a series of typically Italian scenes of not only brilliance but also sexism, total chaos and rigidity. Susan Levenstein manages to cover a number of aspects illuminating some amusing national differences regarding not only health care but also of character and everyday life. Learn more about Dr. Levenstein on her blog at Stethoscope On Rome. Levenstein takes part in many projects for development and The Parent-Child Home Program for Overcoming Educational Disadvantage revised edition “Messages from Home” written by Phyllis and Susan Levenstein was published by Temple University Press.
“Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome tells the story of my four decades of Italian medical adventures and misadventures – much more about Italy, and about medicine, than about myself. When I migrated from the banks of the East River to the Tiber shores the path was strewn with bureaucratic boulders, landmines, and pitfalls. I offer the tale of my odyssey as an object lesson to would-be fellow cosmopolites in that art of abandoning all hope the Italians like to call pazienza” Susan Levenstein Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome is available online :, and as an ebook: Amazon, Apple iTunes Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo.