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Handmade in Italy with Borboniqua Napoli

Interview with Mr Mariano Moreno – Borboniqua Napoli


Before talking about BorboniQua, could you tell us about your background and shoemaking industry experiences?

I have dealt with the footwear and clothing industries as a representative for central and southern Italy since 1979.  I have managed both positioning and sales throughout these areas with brands including Timberland, American footwear, Levis, Allen Edmond’s, Justine boot, Polo Ralf Laurent, Tommy Hilfigher, Clarks and Filson amongst others.  I have been collaborating with different brands for over 15 years to enhance stylistic choices and for production purposes.  I have recently given life to a much-desired project of creating a collection of footwear and accessories entirely “made in Naples” reaching to international markets – BorboniQua Napoli.

Could you tell us about BorboniQua?

The name of our collection BorboniQua is strongly connected to the territory of Naples and of course the Bourbon period from what was then the Kingdom of Naples.

Our creative philosophy contains elements of tradition but also innovation reflected in the same values.



What are the most important values of BorboniQua?

Apart from tradition and innovation I would say that craftsmanship, elegance and style are extremely important.

What is the importance of the Neapolitan tradition for you?

To maintain and possibly develop the values of many craftsmen’s talents who have demonstrated the quality and sheer elegance of Neapolitan styling over the years to become today renowned throughout the world.

Could you tell us about your design and production philosophy? What makes a quality shoe?

The actual design of each BorboniQua creation follows an evolution starting from a traditionally classic product, but revised to keep up with the times.  This revision principally regards comfort together with the introduction of elements using recent technological innovations.  The base of our work starts with the innovative choice of materials and colours but using Classic line models.  We also strictly select only natural materials.

How many different types of footwear do you have in your collections? Can you tell us about the details and inspirations of your collections?

Our collections mainly consist of Classic footwear designed for both men and women and may be defined as the real evolution of Classic using experimental funds and technical solutions.  The Sport category has been specifically designed for both men and women searching for a sporty but sober and elegant style.

What are the advantages of operating all your production processes in Napoli?

We did not really consider this choice as an advantage but a precise desire to represent with this project the potential of this fascinating territory – even though having one destination to follow production is obviously a plus.

How can our readers follow BorboniQua?

Through social networks and our website.

Where can our readers buy BorboniQua footwear and accessories?

We currently use various national and international networks and sale formats – but purchase is simply direct using e-commerce through our website.


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