ST. JOSEPH’S DAY – San Giuseppe

Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June throughout England and America and held on different dates throughout the world. In countries with Catholic traditions such as Italy and Spain, Father’s Day; known as the Festa del Papà is celebrated on what may be recognised as St. Joseph’s Day. The “Feast of St. Joseph”- San Giuseppe was celebrated and considered as a commemoration within the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church – but was principally considered as a Christian tradition, celebrated by Catholics, Anglicans and various Lutheran and other religious denominations.
Typical traditions associated with this Saint vary, but in Sicily as well as many Italian-American communities – thanks are given to San Giuseppe for preventing famine. On this day throughout Italy tables are adorned with flowers, candles, wine, bread and meatless dishes to respect the feast occurring during Lent – and in Naples – with Fava beans and sweet “Zeppole di San Giuseppe”. These delicious fried or ovenbaked cream cakes are known as Zeppole throughout Naples and Puglia and as “fritelle” in Rome and Florence.
The zeppole cake is known as a typical Neapolitan pastry claiming the fame having been created by Don Pasquale Pinatauro of Naples in 1840 and may be considered as one of the first street-foods.
Saint Joseph is the patron saint of various cities, regions and countries including Canada, China, Mexico, Austria, Belgium and Peru. He is also the patron saint of families, fathers, expectant mothers, carpenters and working people in general.
So, Happy Father’s Day!