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COVID-19 Face Mask Regional Regulations

Latest on Covid-19 (Campania, Napoli)

Face Mask Regulations
The Campania region declared the obligatory use of protective face masks starting from April 10th 2020.
Well, after two long months these regulations are easing but regarding outdoor use only. In fact, masks are no longer obligatory (but optional) for outdoor use starting from June 22nd 2020. As for wherever social distancing of at least 1 metre proves impossible and for indoor use – such as public transport, shops, supermarkets etc., use will still be necessary until further notice.
Social distancing is still required. Stay Safe!

The epidemiologist Doc. Angelo D’Argenzio recently commented: “I believe as a technician that it would be preferable to continue to use protective face masks even without obligation, to maintain social distancing and avoid any gatherings. This is an appeal to each personal conscience and the respect for others. It will only be when the Campania region results with zero infections for at least two consecutive weeks that we can start the next phase, but cautiously. Cases are still registering throughout the world and so this situation must be faced until we create an effective vaccine. Our behaviour must change until then as Covid-19 has shown an extremely high contagious index and is fully capable of spreading rapidly. We must continue to be carefully aware“.

The regional president Vincenzo De Luca commented as he presented the latest ordinance: Even though it is no longer mandatory to wear masks on the streets caution will still be necessary however in all closed areas.
This does NOT mean we can “party” every day and that it’s all over… De Luca has in fact gained a great number of fans and social followers during these last few months – thanks to his critical, frequently comical but at the same time clearly annoyed comments duringthe Lockdown stage. De Luca was also frequently portrayed as a Superhero!
The Campania region is currently focusing on smart working and the resumption of normal working activities – obviously in compliance with all anti-Covid safety standards.
Changes are also on the way regarding contact/group sports but as for restrictions regarding the so-called “Movida – By Night” situation, the ordinance will be revised on June 30th.