Over the years, My Country magazine has had the pleasure to choose from an amazing collection of photographs depicting different views of Naples, created by Marcello Erardi together with the active Facebook page including more than 60,000 photographs and 2,200 albums: Napoli vista attraverso gli scatti fotografici

Photographic exhibition @ Parrocchia di San Giovanni Maggiore, Napoli
For all of those lucky enough to be situated within the heart of Naples Centro storico – then note the photographic exhibition “Il Cristo deposto” – currently on display at the parish of San Giovanni Maggiore – entrance is free-of-charge

Opening times: 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm
Entrance points: 14, Rampe San Giovanni Maggiore or Largo San Giovanni Maggiore


on display until NOVEMBER 15th 2020

Vincenzo Gemito was a figurative sculptor born in Naples in 1852. Although considered as the most important Italian sculptor of late 19th century his origins were not so promising. He was a street-orphan adopted by a poor artisan and already assisting the sculptor Emanuele Caggiano aged nine. Gemito moved on to work with Stanislao Lista. After acquiring skills modelling clay and wax he independently exhibited a sculpture at Belle Arti di Napoli  Il Giocatore” (The Card Player) a Neapolitan urchin studying a hand of playing cards.  The bronze-cast of the same work was purchased for the Capodimonte collectionVincenzo Gemito was sixteen years old…

Vincenzo Gemito

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Rosa Parks


Palazzo Reale di Napoli


The magnificent Royal Palace Palazzo Reale di Napoli is situated within the heart of Naples and has been frequently highlighted by My Country magazine.

Well, we are back again this month with some latest updates

The Royal Palace houses the national library Biblioteca di Napoli – transferred here in 1925, but seriously damaged due to WWII bombings and the subsequent military occupation. The library holds a fascinating collection of documents including a large collection of papyrus scrolls from the ancient Roman archaeological site of Herculaneum – Ercolano (Villa dei Pisoni destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and original documents written by Alfonso d’Aragona (1455); the composer Giuseppe Verdi and major 19th century composers including Gioachino Rossini.

  • The beautiful halls and historic apartments and studio’s with paintings and tapestries… a blast from the past.

The statues dominating the external western side of the palace facing the main square of Piazza del Plebiscito portray the rulers of the Kingdom of Naples dating from the 10th-century and are positioned in chronological order. The Palace was enriched by Murat and his wife Caroline Bonaparte with rich Neoclassic decor and furnishings during the Napoleonic occupation. It is notable that no statue along the façade of the royal palace Palazzo Reale refers to the Bourbon reign – not even Carlo di Borbone, engraved as Carlo III – Charles III the King of Spain.

  • LATEST INFORMATION for visitors:
  • All visitors are obliged to follow indicated routes, to be equipped with masks and to maintain a safety distance of at least 1.2 metres from others. Current anti-Covid 19 entrance methods are placing groups of up to 8 visitors a time for a maximum of 50 visitors per hour.
  • Admission tickets are available directly at the ticket-office/info-point – but why not avoid the crowds! Reserve your tickets without added costs online here  https://
  • The garden “Giardino Romantico” and the “Cortili” Courtyards are open to the public without charge from 9 am to 7 pm except Wednesdays.
  • The Guided Tours of the garden “Giardini Pensili” (as highlighted last March) are temporarily suspended until further notice. Bag storage and the use of audio guides are also temporarily suspended.

Fees: Standard admission – Euro 6,00; Reduced Euro 3,00; 18 – 25 yrs Euro 2,00; Under 18’s – Free    Opening times: Daily from 9 am to 8 pm except Wednesdays. Last admission by 7 pm.   Info: +39 081 580 8255


TOUR the MAIN WORKS: of Palazzo Reale, the library Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli “Vittorio Emanuele III”, the theatre Teatro San Carlo and the castle Maschio Angioino/Castel Nuovo

by Smartphone or Tablet – So,  scan the QR-code and Buon Viaggio!


SEPTEMBER 15th 2020 to JANUARY 6th 2021

@ PALAZZO REALE DI NAPOLI   1, Piazza del Plebiscito

Rosa Parks

The royal palace of Naples Palazzo Reale di Napoli is currently hosting the free installation within the central courtyard – “Almost Home – The Rosa Parks House Project” created by the US artist Ryan Mendoza.

So, who was Rosa Parks?  Rosa Parks was an Afro-American activist who became an important symbol during the struggle for civil rights in the USA during the 1950’s.  She refused to give her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Alabama in 1955 and was arrested for civil disobedience.  The incident led to a one-year long bus boycott throughout the city.

After her famous act, Parks became known as the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement” whilst losing her job and enduring death threats for years to come.  She passed away in Detroit October 2005 – aged 92.

Rosa Parks house was originally located in the city of Detroit and was saved from demolition after her niece Rhea McCauley bought it from Detroit city authorities.  She then tried to raise funds to renovate the then long-abandoned structure. She approached Mendoza on 2016 after struggling to find institutional support.  Mendoza purchased and transported the house to his back-garden in Berlin in the same year.

Ryan Mendoza was born in New York in 1971 and created the projects “The White House” (2015), “The Invitation” (2016) and the renowned “The Rosa Parks House Project” (2017).

His art projects and paintings have been displayed in numerous museums and galleries throughout Europe, including – White Cube/ London, Galerie Lelong, Paris / New York, and Museo Madre/Italy Naples.

The 2017 award-winning documentary directed by Mendoza’s wife Fabia “The White house” offers an ample insight regarding Mendoza’s artistic activities and tells the story of The Rosa Parks House Project.

The Rosa Parks House Project may be considered as keeping alive not only the memory of Rosa Parks, but of all of those who lived there – during a dramatically conflictual historical moment of American history – with an identity unfortunately still under discussion today…

Entrance to the installation is without charge – on display until January 6th 2021

“Almost Home – The Rosa Parks House Project” is promoted by: Fondazione Morra Greco, Regione Campania, Direzione regionale Musei Campania

INFO: +39 081 19349740

The Rosa Parks House Project at Palazzo Reale di Napoli

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OCTOBER 2020 – pages 12-13

My Country magazine - October 2020 - page 12


SyArt Sorrento Festival
JULY 11th to SEPTEMBER 6th 2020

This year’s fourth edition of the SyArt Sorrento Festival is dedicated to contemporary art presenting forty artists from fourteen different countries. The suggestive historic location of Villa Fiorentino (frequently highlighted by My Country magazine) will host the exhibition and international meetings of contemporary art including over 100 contemporary works including painting, photography, sculpture, video art, body art, site-specific and installations. Apart from a well-represented Italy, the events also include artists from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, England, Korea, Peru, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Uruguay.  Villa Fiorentino is the headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation – Fondazione Sorrento.
The itinerary covers an area distributed on three floors and eight halls. Numerous works were created specifically for the Festival during the recent Lockdown period and will be on show to the public for the first time. Entrance to the exhibition is without charge.
Artists: Fabio Imperiale – Maria Rosaria Stigliano – Erhan Us – Catherine Chasanaglou – Hayoung Jung – Franco Paternostro – Heather Simone – Maria Teresa Majello – Sonia Gil – Marco Stefanucci – Giulia Spernazza – Maria Lorek – Giuliano Giuliani – Mark Cattaneo – Emanuel Zoncato – Matteo Ponzi – Andrea De Souza Rocha – Stefano Parisio Perrotti – Alessandro Rillo – Simone Riccardi – Federica La Magra – Milan Markovic – Nico Vigenti – Enrico Giulia – Victoria Dael – Robert Hromec – Tiziana Rinaldi Giacometti – Valentina Sorrentino – Maria Pia Daidone – Valentina Porcelli – Alessandra Carloni – Tina Sgrò – Michael Vandorpe – Elvira Carrasco – Sebastian Ceballos – Tamer Ragab – Massimo Barlettani – Nicolas Lopez – Fabio Sironi – Kristina Pirkovic

OPENING TIMES: Daily from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm
ENTRANCE: 53, Corso Italia – Sorrento, Napoli
INFO: +39 081 8782284 (Fondazione Sorrento) – –

Visitors to this exhibition will have the opportunity to support the research for the vaccine, an activity that places the National Cancer Institute – Irccs Fondazione Pascale in Naples at the forefront. Those who are willing can leave their offer inside a large urn positioned at the entrance of Villa Fiorentino. All proceeds from the fundraiser will be delivered together with the pictorial work “World Art for Covid” created for the occasion by various artists present at the Festival and displayed throughout the departments of the hospital – Istituto Pascale di Napoli.

Un aiuto concreto nella lotta al Covid-19 – I visitatori dell’esposizione avranno modo di sostenere la ricerca del vaccino, attività che vede in prima linea l’Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori – Irccs Fondazione Pascale di Napoli. Chi vuole può lasciare la propria offerta all’interno di una grande urna posizionata all’ingresso di Villa Fiorentino. Il ricavato della raccolta fondi sarà consegnato insieme all’opera pittorica “World Art for Covid” realizzata per l’occasione da alcuni degli artisti presenti al Festival che sarà affissa nei reparti dell’Istituto Pascale di Napoli.

Source © My Country magazine – August 2020 (page 7)



Simbolo, espressione, creatività nell’estate dei Campi Flegrei

Symbol, expression and creativity throughout the Summer Phlegraean Fields

JULY 31st to SEPTEMBER 27th 2020

Parco archeologico dei Campi Flegrei

All events require prior reservations online:

FRIDAY AUGUST 7th – 6 pm

DANCE: Cielo… nea gynaika

@ Parco archeologico di Cuma

Choreographers: Emma Cianchi, Antonio Colandrea, Elena D’Aguanno, Macia del Prete, Nicolas Grimaldi, Claudio Malangone

Powered by Art Garage


August 7th/8th,  SEPTEMBER  25th/26th

MUSIC: Overtures di luci e suoni al Macellum

@ Tempio di Serapide (Macellum di Pozzuoli)

Powered by ATI Macellum (Terra dei Miti, ApoRema, Graficamente, Amartea)


TUESDAY AUGUST 11th – 7 pm

LITERATURE: Il Lavoro dello Spirito

@ Museo archeologico dei Campi Flegrei nel Castello di Baia

Book presentation with the author Massimo Cacciari and philosopher Nicola Magliulo.  Free admission.

Powered by Associazione SFERA


TUESDAY AUGUST 25th to 27th – 5 pm

THEATRE: Teatro spiritico: Avernus

@ Lago d’Averno – Tempio di Apollo/Masseria Sardo

Theatrical acts with: Lina Salvatore, Michele Monetta, Antonello Paliotti

Accademia Mediterranea Mimo Dramma, Gianni Garrera

  August 25th   Atto I – L’evocazione delle ombre – Odissea, Libro XI

  August 26th   Atto II – Alba:discesa agli Inferi – Odissea, Libro VI

  August 27th   Atto III – Virgilio Mago, Matilde Serao – Georgiche, Libro IV

PHOTO: Tempio di Apollo – Lago d’Averno.  Refreshments by Masseria Sardo – Powered by ICRA Project



DANCE: Ipazia – Atlete Invenzione

@ Anfiteatro Flavio di Pozzuoli – 6 pm

Choreography: Laura Matano

Powered by Art Garage



MUSIC: Il Canto Sublime @ Anfiteatro Flavio di Pozzuoli – 6 pm

Ensemble Barocco Accademia Reale directed by Giovanni Borrelli

Powered by Associazione Accademia Reale


Source: © My Country magazine

August 2020 (page 13)

JULY 1st to 31st – 13th edition

The International Festival of Theatre NTFI was established back in 2007 and produces shows and events promoting Naples throughout the world. This year’s 13th edition programme involves over 130 events taking place throughout Naples and various regions including Salerno, Caserta, Benevento and Avellino.

NAPOLI Circolo Canottieri Napoli via Molosiglio 1 / MANN – Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli Piazza Museo, 19 / Maschio Angioino – Cortile via V. Emanuele III / Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte via Miano, 2 (SEE PAGES 10/11)* Cortile della Reggia (Entrance from Porta Piccola) * Casino della Regina (Entrance from Porta Miano) * Fagianeria (Entrance from Porta Miano) Palazzo Fondi via Medina, 24 / Palazzo Reale piazza del Plebiscito, 1 * Cortile d’onore (Entrance from piazza del Plebiscito) * Cortile delle carrozze (Entrance from piazza Trieste e Trento) * Giardino romantico (Entrance from via San Carlo) Rione De Gasperi via C. De Meis, 120 / Rione Sanità piazzetta San Severo a Capodimonte / Spiaggia delle Monache via Posillipo, 357 (Entrance from Bagno Sirena 357, via Posillipo) Teatro di San Carlo piazza Trieste e Trento

REGIONS Anfiteatro Campano piazza I Ottobre – Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta) Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara via Regina Margherita, 3 – Solofra (Avellino) Duomo di Salerno piazza Alifano, 1 (Salerno) Teatro Ghirelli – Cortile viale Antonio Gramsci (Salerno) Teatro Naturale di Pietrelcina locality Pantaniello, Cammino del Rosario (Benevento)

It’s possible to purchase tickets directly from the main ticket office situated in Palazzo Reale. Open daily from 10 am to 7 pm CASA DEL FESTIVAL – PALAZZO REALE 1, PIAZZA DEL PLEBISCITO. Mail to:
Ticket Office: +39 344 045 6788 Infopoint +39 344 045 4626 Tickets are divided into various categories: International and National tickets, dance section, literature section, music section, observatory section, special projects, sportopera, workshop and young adults section tickets. After Festival Events are scheduled giving access to the gardens of the Royal Palace Palazzo Reale – Purchase on-site € 3. Reduction for holders of Museum tickets (& viceversa) including: Museo Filangieri, Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro, Castel Sant’Elmo, Museo di Capodimonte, Museo Nazionale Pietrarsa, Complesso Donnaregina e Museo Diocesano, Complesso San Severo al Pendino, Pio Monte della Misercordia.

STANDARD TICKET FEES: Full Standard – € 8 Under 30’s – € 5

Source ©My Country magazine – July 2020 (page 13)


JULY 23rd to 31st

The prestigious theatre Teatro San Carlo has scheduled a series of three fantastic concerts REGIONE LIRICA to be held on-stage in the magnificent Piazza del Plebiscito and transmitted in Eurovision.

July 23rd to July 26th
TOSCA, Giacomo Puccini
three acts directed by Juraj Valcuha
Starring: Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov and Ludovic Tezier
Orchestra/Chorus “Voci Bianche del Teatro di San Carlo

July 28th to July 31st
AIDA, Giuseppe Verdi
directed by Michele Mariotti.
Starring: Anna Pirozzi, Jonas Kaufmann, Anita Rachvelishvili, Claudio Sgura, Roberto Tagliavini
Orchestra/Chorus “Teatro San Carlo

July 30th
IX SINFONIA O p. 125 Corale, Ludwig van Beethoven
directed by Juraj Valcuha
Starring: Maria Agresta, Daniela Barcellona, Antonio Poli, Roberto Tagliavini
Orchestra/ Chorus “Teatro San Carlo

Authorised tickets are a vailable online or (Call centre: 892234) OR Teatro San Carlo Theatre

Ticket Office:
via San Carlo 98/f – Open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 9 pm.
Tel.: +39 081 7972331

Source ©My Country magazine – July 2020 (page 13)


171, Via Aniello Falcone

The Museum Museo Duca di Martina was originally used as a summer season residence constructed by the King Ferdinando di Borbone in year 1817. The entire complex was renovated and included a casino that now sites the Museum and a coffee house Villa Lucia. The surrounding Park Villa Floridiana was entrusted to the architect Niccolini from 1817 to 1819. Following the death of the Duchessa di Floridia, numerous transformations were made dating from 1826. The Museum Museo della ceramica Duca di Martina in Villa Floridiana was established in 1927 and is considered to display one of the most important and prestigous Italian collections of Decorative Art.
The heirs of the Duca di Martina, who was born in Naples in 1829 donated a personal collection consisting of over seven-thousand objects ranging from porcelain to enamels, maiolica, crystal, glass, coral and bronzes. The first floor holds a collection of Eighteenth-Century European porcelains.
Apart from the vast selection of original ceramic collections, exhibits range from Medieval to Renaissance art, including paintings, furniture, items of worship and personal accessories. Niccolini also designed and reconfigured the English landscape gardens within the Park Villa Floridiana, taking advantage of the natural slopes facing towards the sea and creating unique features such as an open-air theatre, greenhouses, ponds, a temple and a shelter for exotic animals.
The Villa Floridiana was then entrusted to the gardener Dehnhart who elegantly enriched the area by introducing more than 150 different plant species, including oaks, pines, palms, camellias and a ginkgo specimen. Today, the Villa has become an urban park covering over 8 hectares and is popular for all ages.

Exhibition – Mediterraneo: Keramikos 2020
(Lorenzo Fiorucci, Magazzini della Lupa, Polo Museale della Campania)
77 Via Cimarosa / 171 Via Aniello Falcone, Napoli
until APRIL 18th 2020

The Mediterranean has always been and is still today a major element that binds Naples and its history and rich culture to the land of which man has changed and developed forms, imprinted legends and beliefs and narrated various stories from mixed cultures – enabling us today to travel and create memorable itineraries that are clearly evident within the precious collections held within the Museum Museo Duca di Martina.
The Keramikos project was established in 2007 aiming to enhance ceramics as an expressive medium, to then form the cultural association Magazzini della Lupa – who have contributed to the diffusion of contemporary ceramic sculpture with programmed exhibitions and publications since year 2014.
The exhibition Mediterraneo: Keramikos 2020 opening dates have been extended to Saturday April 18th 2020. The exhibition presents 26 artists and the Mediterranean theme is divided into three categories: The first: *Omaggio – A tribute to the four sculptors – Garesio, Muky, Pirozzi and Summa; Two sections regard the way the artists related to the Mediterranean with – the second: *Memorie del Mediterraneo – Memories presenting works by Bellucci, Caruso, Cechetti, Chiucchi, Crisafi, Francucci, Gabrieli, Manni, Pagliarulo, Palmarelli and Taschini ; the third: *Metafora del Mediterraneo – Metaphors displays works created by Antonelli, Baldelli, Luccioli, Melloni, Monachesi, de Nichilo, Palmieri, Quintili, Ruzza, Soddu and Talotta.
Special events will be held throughout the Museum during the exhibition aiming to create a broader horizon upon and the enhancement of Italian ceramic sculpture and contemporary ceramics.

Museo della ceramica Duca di Martina in Villa Floridiana
171 Via A. Falcone / 77 Via Cimarosa (80127) Napoli
Opening times: 9.30 am to 5 pm – last admission by 4.15 pm – Closed Tuesdays.
Museum Entrance fees: Standard € 4,00; Reduced € 2,00

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Artemisia Gentileschi
Rione Terra, Pozzuoli (Napoli) until MAY 31st 2020

The painting created by Artemisia Gentileschi entitled “L’Adorazione dei Magi” following a great success on show at Milan from last October 2019 has returned to Pozzuoli last February 6th. The dominating canvas (310 x 206 cm) is part of a series of masterpieces created for the cathedral of Pozzuoli – Basilica Cattedrale di San Procolo Martire and commissioned by the Spanish bishop Martin de Lèon y Cardenas – dated from 1636 to 1649.
The masterpiece takes position amongst a splendid collection of works created by Beltrano, Fracanzano and de Ribera amongst others, where Artemisia Gentileschi is the only female artist present. Gentileschi was the first female to enter the Academy of Design in Florence – Accademia del Disegno di Firenze in 1616. She was also the first artist to display three canvases simultaneously in one church with the magnificent works – San Gennaro nell’Anfiteatro, i Santi Procolo and Nicea.

Ritornano i Magi – Artemisia Gentileschi
WHERE: Museo Diocesano di Pozzuoli, Rione Terra
WHEN: Until May 31st 2020 – Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm