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Vincenzo Gemito was a figurative sculptor born in Naples in 1852. Although considered as the most important Italian sculptor of late 19th century his origins were not so promising. He was a street-orphan adopted by a poor artisan and already assisting the sculptor Emanuele Caggiano aged nine. Gemito moved on to work with Stanislao Lista. After acquiring skills modelling clay and wax he independently exhibited a sculpture at Belle Arti di Napoli  Il Giocatore” (The Card Player) a Neapolitan urchin studying a hand of playing cards.  The bronze-cast of the same work was purchased for the Capodimonte collectionVincenzo Gemito was sixteen years old…

Vincenzo Gemito

Commonly known in Naples as the crazy sculptor – “o’ scultore pazzo” Gemito was victim of a psychological collapse in 1887-1990 remaining a recluse and forced to take long pauses from creative activity – but continued to draw. He went back to sculpting in 1910 – eccentrically leaving realism to concentrate on mythological subjects. Gemito worked small-scale using precious metals in the 1920’s when he created portraits of Alexander the Great and Medusa.
Gemito passed away in Naples in 1929.

The current exhibition at Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte “Gemito dalla scultura al disegno” is a fantastic collection of over 150 works divided into 9 sections – co-organised with the Petit Palais in Paris, where it was on display last autumn.

The exhibition reveals his virtuosic realism and the strong thread of both love and madness in his thought.

The collection has been enriched with an addition of a number of unseen works recently acquired by the Capodimonte Museum from various private collections.

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