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The poem “Speranza” (Hope) by Gianni Rodari was read at the closure of a UE meeting at Brussels.  “Special thoughts go to our European compatriots in Italy, where at the moment they are facing an extremely serious situation,” commented the EU spokesperson Erica Mamer – referring to the coronavirus emergency.  The poem “Speranza” was then read to end the briefing “Keeping hope to be here once again tomorrow” concluded Mamer.   (MARCH 2020 – BRUSSELS)

SPERANZA – Gianni Rodari

Se io avessi una botteguccia

fatta di una sola stanza

vorrei mettermi a vendere

sai cosa? La speranza.

“Speranza a buon mercato!”

Per un soldo ne darei

ad un solo cliente

quanto basta per sei.

E alla povera gente

che non ha da campare

darei tutta la mia speranza

senza fargliela pagare


HOPE – Gianni Rodari

If I had a little shop

made of a single room

I would like to start selling

you know what? Hope.

“Cheap Hope!”

For just a penny

I’d give one customer

enough for six.

And to the poor people

that have nothing to survive

I would give all of my hope

without making them pay




A local teacher from the heart of Naples has started a fantastic new craze – teaching to children directly from the streets and alleys to children (and families) on balconies.

Obviously, this is not an easy time for the younger generation and the formation for the future.  This idea has also lead to a number of initiatives including reading Rodari from the rooftops. Only in Naples!

Following the last dark lockdown period, children and students are back once again to distance-learning known as DAD (Didattica a distanza), that’s sitting in front of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

But not with DAB (Didattica ai balconi) – learning from Balconies!  So, if children cannot go to school, then school can go to the children.

The local teacher Tonino Stornaiuolo had this in mind when unable to go to school he went to his students – walking throughout the characteristic alleys of the Spanish Quarters – Quartieri Spagnoli.

He chose to read (and explain) who else but Gianni Rodari.  As families, parents (and grand-parents) looked on – the lesson turned into a moment of collective joy and instantly became a viral Facebook event.

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Susan Levenstein - Dottoressa

Title: Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome
Author: Susan Levenstein MD
Format: Paperback/270 pages
Published: May 2019 (Paul Dry Books)

Susan Levenstein is THE Dottoressa – who set off 40 years ago for what was expected to be a one-year experience in Rome after growing up in New York and becoming a graduate of Harvard University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome is a biographic memoir written with a somewhat humorous love and sometimes sheer desperation following her career in Rome – the Eternal City – amongst a series of typically Italian scenes of not only brilliance but also sexism, total chaos and rigidity. Susan Levenstein manages to cover a number of aspects illuminating some amusing national differences regarding not only health care but also of character and everyday life. Learn more about Dr. Levenstein on her blog at Stethoscope On Rome. Levenstein takes part in many projects for development and The Parent-Child Home Program for Overcoming Educational Disadvantage revised edition “Messages from Home” written by Phyllis and Susan Levenstein was published by Temple University Press.
“Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome tells the story of my four decades of Italian medical adventures and misadventures – much more about Italy, and about medicine, than about myself. When I migrated from the banks of the East River to the Tiber shores the path was strewn with bureaucratic boulders, landmines, and pitfalls. I offer the tale of my odyssey as an object lesson to would-be fellow cosmopolites in that art of abandoning all hope the Italians like to call pazienza” Susan Levenstein Dottoressa: An American Doctor in Rome is available online :, and as an ebook: Amazon, Apple iTunes Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo.

Marcello Erardi - Napoli Vedute, scorci e monumenti

Title: Napoli – Vedute, scorci e monumenti
Author: Marcello Erardi
Format: Paperback/60 pages
Published: October 2017 (Youcanprint)

The city of Naples shines upon an enchanting Gulf. Naples is a millennial city full of art, history and culture and is successfully revealed within the collection of 50 photographs published in this book literally entitled: Naples – Views, glimpses and monuments. Marcello Erardi demonstrates not only his total passion for photography but also the love for his homeland, portraying monuments and landscapes from an interestingly different view. He addresses not only travellers, but also Neapolitans to become tourists and custodians of the city of Naples. Take a look at his Facebook page created in 2013 “Napoli vista attraverso gli scatti fotografici” including over 2200 photo albums and 650 videos giving value to every angle of the city and the enormous historical and artistic heritage. Marcello Erardi has frequently donated numerous photographs, including cover pages to My Country magazine.  This fantastic photographic collection is available from central Naples – directly from the bookshops “Libreria Neapolis” and “Libreria Colonnese”, the museum Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro and online –, and