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Dantedì 2021 – Dante Alighieri – Father of the Italian language…

DANTEDI’ 2021 700th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATING DANTE ALIGHIERI “FATHER OF THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE” DATES TO REMEMBER – MARCH 25th Year 2021 marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri with an array of commemorative events programmed throughout Italy and beyond. Today – March 25th – is “The” day – Dantedì – celebrating the medieval philosopher […]

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Photographic exhibition “IL CRISTO DEPOSTO” by Marcello Erardi

MY EXHIBITIONS NAPOLI – CENTRAL NAPLES (MARCH 2021) Over the years, My Country magazine has had the pleasure to choose from an amazing collection of photographs depicting different views of Naples, created by Marcello Erardi together with the active Facebook page including more than 60,000 photographs and 2,200 albums: Napoli vista attraverso gli scatti fotografici […]

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Covid-19: Italy has declared new restrictions amidst concern over viral variants

MARCH 09/03/2021   The colour-coded tier system was updated including higher Covid-19 restrictions last February 21st throughout Italy Many regions changed classification from lower-risk yellow zones to medium-risk orange zones including Campania, Naples.The Campania region is currently classified as a high-risk red zone, together with Basilicata and Molise. It is predicted that numerous regions will follow […]

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Visit Lake Avernus – LAGO D’AVERNO

THE PHLEGRAEAN LAKES Campi Flegrei literally means “Burning Fields”, an ancient name given to the area that today includes the towns of Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Baia, Monte di Procida and Quarto, situated just a few kilometres distance from central Naples, Italy. Throughout this fascinating territory the force of nature combines the beauty of its sea and […]

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Handmade in Italy with Borboniqua Napoli

Interview with Mr Mariano Moreno – Borboniqua Napoli   Before talking about BorboniQua, could you tell us about your background and shoemaking industry experiences? I have dealt with the footwear and clothing industries as a representative for central and southern Italy since 1979.  I have managed both positioning and sales throughout these areas with brands […]

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REMEMBERING November 23rd 1980’s earthquake to Warhol’s “Fate Presto”

1980 IRPINIA EARTHQUAKE WARHOL IN NAPLES – TERRAE MOTUS COLLECTION It was November 23rd 1980 when a 90-second earthquake destroyed many lives, assets and the historic cultural heritage that struck throughout Irpinia-Basilicata (Southern Italy) The 6.9-magnitude quake injured over 10,000 people, caused 3,000 casualties and left more than 300,000 homeless throughout the regions of Campania, […]