The ancient fortress overlooking the gulf of Pozzuoli – Rione Terra has been frequently highlighted by My Country magazine – including the first project of guided archaeological tours scheduled from October back in 2015 – strolling down the streets from 2,000 years ago…
ON THE ROAD – The My Country team visited this fantastic project at its beginning a few years ago, during tours then organised on an experimental basis. After booking a visit by e-mail we received the confirmation including date and expected time of arrival. That morning we arrived early to take some photographs before being greeted by our guide called Raffaela. She proved to be not just a simple guide – but a passionate archaeologist. So, what could be better – as she guided us along this fascinating underground route – giving life to taverns and workshops, describing the surroundings and typical daily atmospheres of the ancient Puteoli – commercial and cosmopolitan city of the Roman world – with detailed explanations – enhanced with multimedia audio and visual effects?
The ancient fortress of Rione Terra is situated 33 metres above sea level between Nisida and Baia and was Pozzuoli’s first urban settlement – a Roman town and fishing village overlooking the sea with its acropolis, castrum fortifications, market, residences and religious areas.
In March 1970 the entire population was forced to evacuate the area of Rione Terra – totally abandoned due to major bradyseismic events – to then suffer further structural damage in 1980. Many years followed involving works of redevelopment and restoration regarding both the Cathedral and the fascinating underground archaeological route dating from the Roman era – that was finally opened to the public in 2014.