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Time change in Italy 29 March 2020, 02.00 One-hour Forward. The EU summertime and the Daylight Saving Time (DST) was regularly standardised in 1996 by the European Union to run forward by one-hour on the last Sunday in March and back onehour on the last Sunday in October. Apart from various trials including Double Summer […]

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Palazzo Reale Giardini Pensili

Palazzo Reale Giardini Pensili Garden Guided Tours CoopCulture Guided Tours “Passeggiata con vista sul Golfo. Il giardino pensile di Palazzo Reale” include a brief introduction to the history of the Palace and of the Garden. WHEN – Saturdays and Sundays 11.00 am – 11.45 am – 12.30 pm. Tours last approx. 40 minutes with max. […]

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Murat – from humble origins to the King of Naples So, who was Joachim Murat? Murat was born from humble origins in southwest France – La Bastide-Fortunière (known as Labastide-Murat today) on March 25th 1767. Considered as “The great military man” it was obviously thanks to his so-called “bravery” that he steadily climbed the military […]


March 25th – Dantedì

The Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Dario Franceschini recently announced the approval of the directive regarding March 25th as a National Day dedicated to the genial poet Dante Alighieri – entitled Dantedì. Many events will involve scholars, students, cultural institutions and associations. More than 400 major events and numerous exhibitions are being programmed […]



The European Parliament voted in favour of backing the EU Committee draft directive to stop the one-hour clock change in the European Union last March 2019. DST proved unpopular in the EU by a 2018 public survey, with more than 80% of 4.6 million respondents voting to put an end to seasonal clock changes. Soon […]

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Rione Terra, Pozzuoli – Archeological Tour

Archaeological Tours – Percorso Archeologico Admission on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Reservation IS necessary by phone +39 081 / 19936286 – 19936287 or directly from the InfoPoint – situated at the Rione Terra entrance on the right-hand side. Entrance Fees: Standard € 5.00, Reduced for groups (minimum 15) and ages […]



The ancient fortress overlooking the gulf of Pozzuoli – Rione Terra has been frequently highlighted by My Country magazine – including the first project of guided archaeological tours scheduled from October back in 2015 – strolling down the streets from 2,000 years ago… ON THE ROAD – The My Country team visited this fantastic project […]


Spring/Vernal Equinox 2020

March Equinox will take place in Universal Coordinated Time on Friday March 20th – 3:49 UCT. In Naples, Italy – 4:49 This astronomical event represents the first day of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere – even though meteorologically speaking, the first day of spring is commonly considered to fall on the 1st of […]


ST. JOSEPH’S DAY – San Giuseppe

Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June throughout England and America and held on different dates throughout the world. In countries with Catholic traditions such as Italy and Spain, Father’s Day; known as the Festa del Papà is celebrated on what may be recognised as St. Joseph’s Day. The “Feast of […]